Choosing a Sydney based IT Support company

Choosing an IT Support Company is extremely important, especially for the small to medium size (10-200) company and here’s why.

Here are 3 things to consider when choosing your next IT support company.

1, Your IT support company should work with you and your vision for the business, but also not be afraid to tell you when an idea might not work or advise if there are better options available, if you think about it… you hire us to implement the latest technology and ideas and also to keep things running smoothly, it’s in both parties best interest to keep everything running smoothly.

2, The personal touch, being a smaller company yourself you probably realise what it’s like to work in a less corporate environment, you know each other’s names, personalities and quirks. Your IT Support company shouldn’t be any different, not only does it make for a better working relationship but it means you don’t have to be transferred countless times before you get an engineer that can fix your problem.

Your probably wonder why that is, well hang on to your seats here’s our insider secrets, most managed services IT engineers are exposed to many different IT setups and have to deal with many different scenarios on a daily basis, sure the our managed IT support staff may have individual skills and specialities, in addition to this you will most likely find they are more than capable in a wide range of technologies. Some of the more corporate types of engineer may specialise in a single area, for example exchange admin, meaning when someone calls up with a networking problem they would have to pass your query on to the next support agent, usually leaving customers frustrated as well as wasting time.

3, Cheap IT support isn’t always best, don’t lure yourself into a false sense of economy, over the last decade of working in IT I have witnessed this all too often. Companies go for the cheapest support company around thinking there saving a few bucks here and there, when it turns out it may take the less experienced engineers double to the time to fix the problem or even worse, some IT problems never get resolved.

This has happened to me on many occasions here is a real life example, the figures are roughly what I can remember the client playing.

Networking issue, the network randomly drops out switch has to be restarted. 30 users are down for about 5-10 minutes each time. This happens once or twice a day

Cheap IT Company

Cheap IT Support Company = $90 per hour spent 5 hours and couldn’t fix the issue

30 Users @ average wage per 10 minutes (downtime amount) = $200

Issue happened for a 1 month period (until the company was replaced)

90 x 5 = 450 (Total cost of cheap IT support)
2 x 200 = 400 ( Cost of downtime per day)
200 x 20 = 4000 (Cost of downtime time for the month that the problem wasn’t resolved)

Total Cost to the company = $4450


Zeno IT

Zeno IT took over, this problem was fixed within 3 days, we took in our spare switch, found out which device was causing the issue and got them to remove it from the network.


3 x 160 = (Cost of 3 hours Zeno IT maximum rate during normal working hours)

Total cost to the company = $480


As you can see by my real world example, although the labour is cheaper the actual cost is nearly 10 times more to the business.

Needless to say the customer was extremely happy and have stayed with us for many years.

There are plenty more things to consider which I will cover in later articles.


Scott Rotton

IT Support Sydney

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