How to fix Swipe to upgrade stuck on IOS 9

The latest and greatest IOS is here and on time, many of you would have thought that being the 9th iteration of the successful OS Apple would have got the upgrade process just right. Unfortunately not it seems, I like thousands of other have discovered a CRITICAL bug in the upgrade process which actually renders you phone unusable.

swipe to upgrade ios 9 errorREAD BEFORE UPDATING TO IOS 9

How to fix Swipe to upgrade stuck on IOS 9

The Bug:

The upgrade process looks like it’s working but when you get to swipe to upgrade screen, the touch screen no longer works. You are now stuck in limbo between OS versions with no way back rendering your phone completely useless


The Solution:

If you have a backup we have a work around for you, if you don’t, there is a chance this will work so give it a try. If you don’t have a backup and have find my iPhone is turned on, you might as well save some time trying this fix and use it to book an appointment at the apple store as they are the only ones (as of writing this) that can fix the issue

1, Power your phone off hold volume and the down volume key for approx. 10 secs

2, Connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac via iTunes

3, Select the phone from within iTunes

3, Choose restore form this PC/Mac, use a previous backup prior to the upgrade. If you don’t have a backup, create one, then restore the backup you have just created (weird I know but trust me), as stated above this works for all devices as long as find my IPhone is not enabled.


Run through the upgrade process again and you’re done, fully working IOS 9, this just iterates again how important backups for all technology in our lives.


Apple have recently announced they will publish a future update to fix this issue.

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