How to Reduce Cyber Risk When Working from Home

So far, 2020 has seen some of the most drastic changes to working conditions across the world. With more people working from home than ever before, cybersecurity is a major headache for companies.


Moving your team from a secure office environment to their home presents data security risks with severe consequences, even if they’re used to occasionally working from home. Going from using a single network to multiple unmanaged networks shared with other devices exposes you to hackers and internet scammers. Unfortunately, they never take time off.


Beware of the share

One of the most important considerations when it comes to your staffs’ cybersecurity is whether they’re using their personal computer or laptop, or a device provided by work.


We strongly advise against staff using a personal device that other family members have access to because their activity can further expose your business to risk. Especially if some members of the household are frequenting sites that are targeted by cybercriminals, such as movie download sites and popular children’s games like Minecraft. In short, providing your team with a device to use exclusively for work will minimise potential issues down the track.


Powered-up passwords

If your team is using cloud services to stay connected and store information, these services need to be protected by two-factor authentication. A simple username and password combination no longer stands much of a chance against cybercriminals. A second security step generally involves setting up a one-time generated code on an app or one that’s sent to a designated mobile number or email address.


Data protection

Check that all antivirus software is up to date on any device that’s used by your team. Remember, your company’s security is only as strong as the weakest link. Too many people are using out-of-date trial software that leaves data vulnerable. Instead, we recommend stepping up to cloud-managed antivirus software, so it automatically checks for updates and provides alerts if any malware is detected.


Fire-up the firewall

A secure VPN (Virtual Protection Network) is another solution for protecting your devices from viruses. It allows your staff to create a secure connection to your company network. With Zeno IT’s managed firewall solutions, VPN enables end-to-end secure encryption to your office or cloud infrastructure from anywhere in the cloud. As a bonus, it can even ensure safety for your team who are working via public Wi-Fi networks. And, to further enhance security, we incorporate multi-factor authentication for the VPN, which requires two successful identification processes before anyone can access the network.


Back to basics

Of course, there are a few simple steps that your team can take to up security measures themselves. It starts by backing up their data regularly to your server or cloud, especially when working on personal devices. You can even take the guesswork out of it with our management services that automate backups for you.


Another easy win is to check your insurance is up to date, and the policy covers your team working remotely. Cyber Insurance can be invaluable if things go awry, and now is the time to double-check that your insurance stretches to home networks and personal computers.


Don’t be alarmed

Although businesses face more risks than ever these days, we hope that our advice has had a calming effect. Despite working from home causing a few security worries, there are plenty of things you can do to mitigate risk.


We’re here to support you in any way we can from offering advice to managing the transition of your team from the office to their homes.


We will help make sure individual devices and your entire network are in the best position to protect your data and continuously scan for viruses and malware.


For expert guidance, get in touch with our team and take advantage of our years of experience keeping businesses secure online. Email our support team or give us a call on 1300 559 366.

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