Is Your Team Really Set Up to Work from Home?

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has severely impacted the way we work. We settled into working from the dining table pretty quickly, but now it’s time to review whether your team is set up to be secure and productive.

At first, with the situation quickly unfolding day-by-day, businesses were forced into making quick decisions to make working remotely possible. While those band-aid solutions were good for a while, running a business with remote staff only works if you take steps to ensure your team can work effectively.

It may feel like you’re taking stop-gap measures, but if the last few weeks have shown us anything, it’s that working from home can actually work! Plenty of our clients, both big and small, have seen how it can benefit their business in the long run, especially when it comes to maternity leave, hiring interstate team members, and supporting employees looking for flexibility.

These are a few of the things we learned from setting up clients and their teams at home.

Optimising Connectivity

A speedy internet connection and a decent amount of bandwidth are crucial when staying in touch with your team and enabling your staff to have professional relationships with clients. The ability to quickly send large documents, proposals or plans, run multiple programs on devices and regularly use video conferencing software shouldn’t fall apart because of a dodgy internet connection.

Prioritising Security

Working remotely can create a bit of a security headache, but there are ways to avoid that issue. Two-factor authentication and implementing a trustworthy VPN are crucial steps to take. Plus, setting up automatic cloud back-ups and ensuring your team aren’t sharing their devices also go a long way in protecting the cybersecurity of your business. For more detail, read our blog all about reducing cyber risk here.

Facilitating Productivity

The average home is filled with distractions for your team, and when they’re not used to working from home, it’s hard to know if they’re keeping on track. For the benefit of both your business and your staff who want to remain focused, there are plenty of things you can try. Think about installing time and task tracking software, creating new KPIs that fit the current situation or using online tools that help you collaborate, such as Zoom, Google Drive and Slack.


Championing Collaboration

By utilising Zoom and cloud-based software like G-Suite, Microsoft Teams and Trello, any sized business can benefit from the collaboration and connectivity they provide. Before diving straight in, make sure everyone on your team has their online software set up correctly and securely. Zoom has already faced a few security issues with the FBI warning about potential flaws, so seek guidance to make sure that you’re protecting your business. You will also learn about plenty of useful features you didn’t know existed!

If you need help to set up your team from home, Zeno IT is here for you. From onsite service to our reliable help desk, we’re committed to helping businesses create optimised home working environments.

For more info or to chat about your setup, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email us on or give us a call on 1300 559 366.

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