Early Sunday morning we were reminded that even with the best infrastructure and a quiet frankly, HUGE budget, server downtime is not something that can be completely irradiated.

amazon-logo_blackOver the weekend Amazons data center in Virginia had some extensive downtime, this caused many big name websites and cloud based services to be down all over the world.
Event streaming giants like Netflix couldn’t escape intact, Skype is also reported to be affected but I am unable to confirm that.
The last time a crash of this magnitude happened was back in 2013, this just goes to show you how vital backups and redundancy is to the modern SME.

Reducing the risk of downtime with cloud operated businesses.
If your budget permits it I always recommend running a combination of cloud and on premise servers for mission critical applications, having both as DC, DFS and Exchange server online increases costs, but for the mission critical businesses out there, it seems the safest way to keep your business running smoothly.

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