[bt_cost_calculator email_client=”yes” time_start=”08:00″ time_end=”16:00″ m_name=”Mandatory” m_address=”Mandatory” m_date=”Mandatory” m_time=”Mandatory” m_message=”Mandatory” show_booking=”yes” admin_email=”info@bold-themes.com” subject=”This is email subject” currency=”$” show_contact=”yes” accent_color=”#f37800″ rec_site_key=”6LfFkwwTAAAAANlDgxCkzUvpo2hRDkFGkchacJTh” rec_secret_key=”6LfFkwwTAAAAAISTsj7_TFvxLAG5AvoNK-4JA5Zk”][bt_cc_slider name=”Square Feet ($50)” value_min=”0″ value_max=”200″ value_step=”10″ value_unit=”50″ value_offset=”0″][bt_cc_slider name=”Number of Levels ($100)” value_min=”0″ value_max=”5″ value_step=”1″ value_unit=”100″]


[bt_cc_select name=”Bathroom type” value=”Low end;400.23;Ut iaculis mollis nulla in – $400.23
Mid range;600.22;Iaculis mollis nulla in – $600.22
High end;800.32;Nulla iaculis mollis nulla in – $800.32″ images=”64,65,66″ img_height=”50″][bt_cc_slider name=”Tiling Area ($5)” value_min=”0″ value_max=”100″ value_step=”10″ value_unit=”5″][bt_cc_slider name=”Pipes to Replace ($1)” value_min=”0″ value_max=”100″ value_step=”10″ value_unit=”1″]


[bt_cc_multiply][bt_cc_select name=”Air conditioners type” value=”Window Air Conditioner;300;Price is $300
Ductless Air Conditioner;700;Price is $700
Central Air Conditioning;1000;Price is $1000″ images=”64,65,66″][bt_cc_slider name=”Number of Devices ($2)” value_min=”0″ value_max=”10″ value_step=”1″ value_unit=”2″][/bt_cc_multiply]


[bt_cc_multiply][bt_cc_switch name=”Facade Works ($1)” value_off=”0″ value_on=”1″][bt_cc_text name=”Facade square feet ($2)” value=”2″][/bt_cc_multiply]


[bt_cc_select name=”Doors type” value=”Steel insulated doors;100.23;Price is $100.23
Solid wood doors;240.22;Price is $240.22
Aluminum storm door;310.32;Price is $310″][bt_cc_select name=”Windows type” value=”Regular windows;100;Price is $100
Broken windows;200;Price is $200″][/bt_cost_calculator]


First of all, please choose certain items (Select, Slider, Switch or Text Cost Calcualtor Item) – Square Feet, Bathroom types, Air conditioners type etc. Than you will be able to get quote of Renovation service – Total price.

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