[bt_cost_calculator time_start=”08:00″ time_end=”16:00″ m_name=”Mandatory” m_email=”Mandatory” m_phone=”Mandatory” admin_email=”info@bold-themes.com” subject=”This is email subject” currency=”$” show_contact=”yes” accent_color=”#54a9ff” paypal_email=”info@bold-themes.com” paypal_currency=”USD” paypal_cart_name=”Hosting”]


[bt_cc_select name=”Operating System” value=”Free: Debian, CentOS, OpenSUSE, CoreOS, FreeBSD, SELinux, or other User Provided OS;12;Price is $12
Paid: Red Hat Enterprise Linux;15;Price is $15
Paid: Windows Server 2008r2, Windows Server 2012;20;Price is $20″ images=”67,66,64″ img_height=”50″][bt_cc_select name=”Instance type” value=”f1-micro (vCPUs: shared, RAM: 0.60 GB) * does not support local SSD;1;Price is $1
n1-standard (vCPUs: 1, RAM: 3.75 GB);2;Price is $2
n1-highmem (vCPUs: 2, RAM: 13 GB);3;Price is $3″ images=”64,65,66″ img_height=”50″]


[bt_cc_slider name=”SSD Persistent disk storage (GB) – $0.1″ value_min=”0″ value_max=”1000″ value_step=”100″ value_unit=”0.1″][bt_cc_slider name=”Persistent disk storage (GB) – $0.1″ value_min=”0″ value_max=”1000″ value_step=”100″ value_unit=”0.1″][bt_cc_slider name=”Snapshot storage (GB) – $0.1″ value_min=”0″ value_max=”1000″ value_step=”100″ value_unit=”0.1″]


[bt_cc_slider name=”Number of Forwarding Rules – $1″ value_min=”0″ value_max=”10″ value_step=”1″ value_unit=”1″][bt_cc_slider name=”Network Traffic (GB per month) – $0.1″ value_min=”0″ value_max=”1000″ value_step=”100″ value_unit=”0.1″]


[bt_cc_switch name=”Automatic backup ($30)” value_off=”0″ value_on=”30″]

This is just a demo, we do not accept any real PayPal payments. If you are previewing inside Envato frame, click Remove Frame in top right corner to be able to preview PayPal payment.

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