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Disaster Recovery Management

Critical business data can be lost through natural disasters, hardware failure, employee error, or deliberate sabotage. However, many businesses do not implement any form of data backup (or do so ineffectively) to guard against this possibility.

Zeno IT has the knowledge and experience to recommend proper backup procedures and equipment to protect your knowledge assets. With the implementation of a properly designed backup system, you can restore lost data and be up and running quickly after any failure.


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Messaging Solutions

Messaging technologies enable people to work together and communicate regardless of location or Lime. Messaging solutions provide local and global e-mail, group calendars, and faxing all from a single point This allows you to co-ordinate your processes effectively while providing consistent customer service.

Zeno IT’s thorough technical approach to electronic messaging implementation has been successfully applied numerous times. Our approach is to define, evaluate, design. deploy and to ultimately maintain and improve custom email systems that provide maximum security and reliability with scalability for future growth.

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Anti Virus Solutions

Viruses represent a very real danger to today’s business computing environment. They can be introduced through unsecured Internet connections, e-mail and downloaded software. Zeno IT can provide the tools, information, and procedures to implement a comprehensive anti- virus strategy to protect both your resources and your business.

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Network Design and Implementation

Zeno IT can provide your organisation with a solid foundation for business-critical desktop computing. From building a network from the ground up, upgrading or building enhancements into existing infrastructure, Zeno FT has the knowledge and experience to quickly implement state-of-the-art LAN with current technologies. Our well-experienced team of professionals provides solutions for Microsoft, Novell and Linux platforms. For example, we are already assisting numerous organisations to migrate their operating systems to the latest Microsoft Windows environments.

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