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Office 365 connected devices

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So what is the Cloud?

Cloud IT is a service where applications are provided and hosted on the Internet.

Cloud services work anywhere you want

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What are the Benefits of Cloud computing?

Cloud computing can be much more cost effective as the initial outlay is much lower, it is excellent for multisite locations that need to access the same information as bottle necks such as internet speeds and hardware no longer play such an important part.

Reliability is increased as is up-time.

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What are some of the most common hosted services available?

[dropcap style=”solid” bg_color=”#3498db” text_color=”#ffffff”]1[/dropcap]Microsoft Office 365

[dropcap style=”solid” bg_color=”#2ecc71″ text_color=”#ffffff”]2[/dropcap]Hosted office 365 North Sydney

[dropcap style=”solid” bg_color=”#1abc9c” text_color=”#ffffff”]3[/dropcap]Office 365 is suite of cloud-based products which includes

Microsoft Exchange Online, based on Microsoft Exchange Server which allows access to your e-mail, calendars and contacts via the Internet Microsoft SharePoint Online, a document sharing, collaboration and editing tool which allows sharing of information and serves as either an Intranet for internal staff or Extranet for your business partners.

Microsoft Lync Online, provides various communication facilities to improve efficiency from instant messaging, online meetings or video conference; with full integrations with Microsoft Office applications to share information Microsoft Office Professional Plus, the same Office product we are familiar with the added flexibility to license month-by-month, users-by-users which is perfect for branch office setup

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Virtual private server (VPS)

Virtual private server provides a secure platform to host and share business data without the upfront capital of new server equipment. A virtual server is functionally equivalent to an independent physical machine and offers great flexibility for growing business which depends additional computer power without the outlay of additional expense in hardware and power. As communication is fully encrypted, access of your VPS is just as secure as a local server in the office.

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Data Backup

Having an offsite backup solution is crucial for any business. Whether it is for a peace of mind or compliance reasons, having a local and online backup strategy make perfect sense. With the latest technologies, a proper disaster recovery solutions allows full recovery with zero data lost. Business disruption is minimised when failed servers can be restored quickly (through visualization) and business can continue to operate.

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A new approach to your IT Management

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