Internet Redundancy. What does this mean for your business if it relies upon internet conductivity and there is a long term outage of your internet service?

Outages can be caused by a plethora of reasons, the cutting of lines, unexplained outages by your provider, dispute with the provider, router fails, etc., which can put you out of business until the problem is rectified. A new connection can take up to 30 working days which can be debilitating to a business.

Zeno IT suggest that we help you overcome this by installing a cost effective solution which is as easy as installing a piece of equipment called a Sonic Wall and another ADSL connection from a different provider than your current provider. The reason we suggest a different provider is that it is an extra layer of insurance in case there is an issue with the primary provider.

The Sonic Wall can be configured to help load balance your Data, fall over if your primary connection fails, and lets you continue running your business without any disruptions.

If your business is reliant on Internet, then be prepared and put in the necessary precautions. Give us a call and we will help you design a solution for you.

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