How to add Windows Media Center to Windows 10

In this tutorial we take a look at how to add Windows media center edition to Windows 10

If you have found your way to this website you will probably know that Windows 10 no longer supports Windows Media Center. If you’ve previously bought the add in like me, you either have to stay with your current version or lose the add in… Until now that is.

A few dedicated users have come up with a way to install Windows Media Center onto Windows 10

I’m going to run you through it and also how to fix the issues that i had along the way. I am going to say that if you have a copy of Windows Media Center currently install on your machine before upgrading to Windows 10, you may run into issues (like i did) so week reading and i will help you resolve them

Step 1

Download the following file and extract to your PC, the desktop is fine.

Step 2

Right Click on the _testrights.cmd and Run as Administrator

Step 3

Right click on Installer.cmd and also select run as administrator. Installation should only take a few seconds. You will then be prompted to press any key to exit.

If you have errors during this part the installation hasn’t completed correctly.

Step 4

Download and install a codec pack so that windows media center works with Windows 10. By default windows 10 doesn’t have the correct codecs.

Be careful, this codec pack contains adware, make sure you don’t install the adware when the installer asks click on cancel when its asking to install the adware.


You will find Windows Media Center under the All Apps  > Windows Accessories folder. Click to open and all should be working.


If its not working (wouldnt open on my machine) the quickest method is to do a recovery reset.

Settings > Update & security > Reset this PC >

This will remove all of your programs, so please bare that in mind. After I did this and repeated the same method above it worked like a charm.


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