When was your backup last checked?

A company’s data is invaluable in most circumstances, this is why it is key to have up to date backups of all crucial information. Important questions all businesses should be asking are…

  • How do I know which data is being backed up?
  • How do I know if my data backup completed successfully?
  • How many days can pass before I lose the ability to restore my files?
  • Do I have an offsite backup?
  • In the event of a failure, how long will it take to get me up and running again?

Try running through scenarios to see if your current backup service meets the needs of your business, for instance.

In the event of a fire, do you have an off-site backup, if so how quickly could the backup be restored to another server?

As an IT Consultant I know that having the data to hand is one thing but if I have to rebuild a server before I can then restore that data, it means down time and in some businesses downtime in not an option, this leads me to the next point.

Is your backup solution customised for your business?

Certain backup solutions are not cheap, making them less accessible to smaller companies. Zeno IT will work with you to create a backup solution that not only works, but is within your budget. Some customers will require a longer redundancy period where they can restore files that are a month or more old whereas another company may not need this but, needs the server to be back up and running within the hour in the event of a hardware failure.

Whatever you businesses situation you should carefully consider what’s important to you.

When was your backup checked properly?

Having an up to date backup is one thing but being able restore from that backup is another, it is good practice to perform random restore tests, giving you piece of mind you data is being looked after.

Cloud Backup Services

Cloud backup services are great for the data critical companies that just can’t afford to risk forgetting to take the backup offsite or swapping the backup media over. The good news is backup to the cloud is more affordable than ever.

If you would like to have your IT server managed by Zeno IT call us on 1300 559 366

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