Cloud Desktop and Servers

Ensuring that you have the right IT hardware and software to meet your business needs is a challenge for any business, especially when things change so rapidly

A traditional desktop and internal server setup is both cumbersome and costly to maintain. With a typical speed running around 50 times slower than the standard Australian internet, it can become a negative aspect to your business.

An ideal solution is to migrate your servers to our cloud system, which offers you a seamless transition for the end users by mimicking the traditional client-server setup, but allows your staff to access your network securely from anywhere.

The cloud platform offers many advantages over the traditional desktop-server setup:

  • Mobility – your staff can access your network from anywhere in the world on any hardware platform (PC or Mac, laptop or desktop and compatible smart devices)
  • Reliability – our cloud-based solution is hosted with a Tier-1 facility providing a safe, secure and reliable option that operates 24/7. This means there is less risk of down time and business interruption, leaving you free to focus on your core business
  • Cost and time saving – a traditional I.T. server system has a limited life and requires a lot of maintenance, both for the server and each individual desktop. Our cloud server solution allows us to provide a ‘Standard Operating Environment’ for all your users, meaning any upgrades only have to happen once making your administrators job so much easier
  • Performance – our cloud server solution uses clusters of high performance servers that provide quicker download times and minimal delay
  • Seamless transition – our highly experienced engineers will create your virtual environment to operate exactly as your client-server environment operated, including incorporating your legacy software, with ease
  • Operating Expense v Capital Expense – a traditional I.T. server requires high up-front capital expense for good equipment, with regular maintenance and replacement costs. A cloud server solution operates on a monthly subscription which, although may be higher initially, provides a better solution for cash-flow allowing you to grow your business quicker without the issue of added expenses. As your business grows, the cost per user will also reduce


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